FocalpointK12 offers a broad portfolio of services designed to support our clients at every stage of a project's lifecycle, from strategy through execution.

Professional Learning & Data Use Services

Our methodology

Data in action provides a framework for the life cycle of learning along a continuum to help all teachers personalize instruction. These practices use methods based on the most relevant data to be able to:

  • Conduct baseline data analysis

  • Create instructional strategies

  • Create and implement action plans

  • Analyze and utilize formative data

  • Collaborate and communicate feedback to all stakeholders

What we offer

Our Professional Learning and Data Use Services provide engaging, relevant and multi-faceted training options to help you create transformational and sustainable change using all of your data.

  • Blended Professional Development: Putting your data to work provides blended professional development combines face-to-face sessions, onsite visits, and self-paced online learning

  • Online Content Modules: Putting your data to work provides interactive, engaging online learning modules to provide a 24/7 support environment for your professional learning

  • Data "Talks and Coaching": Small group sessions providing on-going discussions, feedback and collaborative support for teachers to better utilize data and inform instructional practices

Educational Intelligence

FocalpointK12's team has decades of experience in the field of educational intelligence, reporting and analytics. We've worked with clients in a wide range of industries and have implemented decision support from top-to-bottom throughout the enterprise - from the customer service desk right up to the executive suite.

Our consultants are no strangers to complex technology environments: the applications we build deliver up-to-the-moment information to many tens of thousands of end users via every kind of interface, from PDAs to corporate extranets. The secret to our success lies in an implementation methodology that speeds up development while reducing risk, and simplifies maintenance while increasing security and performance.

FocalpointK12's educational intelligence implementation services include:

  • Dashboards and scorecards

  • Ad-hoc reporting

  • Performance management

  • Alerting and notification

  • Collaborative business intelligence

  • Operational reporting

Data Warehousing

The data warehouse has rapidly become an integral part of information management for many businesses. Today, data warehouse applications feed a variety of mission-critical decision support systems throughout the enterprise, and require exceptional levels of performance and scalability.

FocalpointK12 has built more than 50 data warehouse applications for clients in a wide variety of industries. We have a reputation for excellence in delivering scalable solutions designed for a wide array of industry verticals.

FocalpointK12 will supply your organization with the business analysis, development, operation, and support team for the entire data warehouse platform, business applications and integration infrastructure. Our data warehouse implementation services include consulting, design, development, and deployment of global enterprise data warehouses and data marts.

Enterprise Data Integration

The quantity of data is exploding throughout the enterprise - and so is the number of data integration projects. Data integration is playing a bigger and more vital role than ever, requiring people with skills beyond the basics of operating ETL tools.

FocalpointK12 can perform ETL and a great deal more:

  • Full design documentation : Communication skills are the calling card of FocalpointK12 consultants. We create documentation with great care that includes comprehensive details about the process and logic present in the systems we develop.

  • Metadata integration : We combine software and business metadata to give developers and business users a common language for interpreting data elements

  • Federation : We create a federated approach to a data warehouse using database gateways as an alternative to loading data into a single data warehouse or datamart

  • Data Profiling/Data Cleansing : FocalpointK12 can ensure that all data, including customer information and other "free form" data, are complete, accurate and properly labeled for use in database applications

Application Architecture & Cloud Computing

FocalpointK12 will help create a data architecture that will scale and support your organization's information demands, today and into the future.

Our experienced data architects will help you define requirements and develop data models and schema.

We will assess both the functional and technical requirements that are critical to your success and come up with an approach that is entirely client-centered and custom - meaning we'll listen to you first, and then tailor a strategy to meet your needs.

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