A Performance Management Platform

The most advanced Learner Analytics and Assessment  Plugin software that will enhance your Canvas LMS by 10x

ASSESSCLOUD™ can be added to your Canvas LMS with 3 clicks.

1. Simply go to the Canvas Application store

2. Search FocalPointK12

3. Press the "Add" button

Add ASSESSCLOUD™ to your platform seamlessly within a minute. 


Learner Analytics

Adaptive Assessments

Personalized Content


Insights like never before

Comprehensive Learner Record, Learning Analytics, and Student Performance Report at your fingertips in Real Time 

Comprehensive Assessment Solution

Personalized Learning Progression via Personalized Content

Cherokee County School District to use ASSESSCLOUD™ with Canvas LMS to deliver a Data-Driven Instruction. 

Harness the power of social networking—learning is fun, collaborative and engaging.

Creates a safe & secure network for facilitators and learners to interact and grow professionally

Create and Share Training Content and Resources

Badging System with Real-Time Insights and Engagement

Collaborate with Professional Learning Communities

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Managing Resources




Managing Resources

Educators spend 50% of their time on teaching while another 50% of their time managing resources. ASSESSCLOUD™ enables educators to spend 80% of their time teaching while another 20% teaching managing resources.

The teachers love how easy it is to use, the metadata available for the items, the content cloud, the integration with the grade book, and the wealth of data available.

Cassie Becker

Instructional Coach 

Leona Group Charter System

I find PMP easy to navigate not just for me, but for my students as well. I am impressed with the data reports too—having the opportunity to view student data in real time is awesome.

Tonia Moss


Joy Preparatory Academy 

There is a lot of noise in education. Teachers are at the saturation point when it comes to what is on their plates. ASSESSCLUD™ is positioned to support teachers by saving them time, increasing efficiency, and helping them go further and faster-using strategies they know yield positive results. At FocalPointK12, we recognize that the classroom teacher is the single greatest influencer for increasing student achievement.

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