"Enabling a Scientific Approach to Improve Student Academic Performance"

After the success of nationally envied Georgia Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) system, the founders embarked on a mission to take their revolutionary platform to schools around the globe. Their mission formalized in the name of FocalPoint and the goal was to "Enable Scientific Approach to Improve Student Academic Performance." 

Visible Learning



Adaptive Learning



Student Success


Kiran Athota and Greg Newcom take on a mission to revolutionize education; FocalPoint is born


AssessCloud™ which helps school districts Manage Data and Assessment in One Comprehensive Platform is introduced


FocalPointK12 goes Global with its platform deployed in 9 countries; opens regional office in Hyderabad, India

Visible Learning


Lens™ - Longitudinal Assessment Reporting to Measure Instruction and Learning is introduced


LearningTree™ - the first and only platform to offer Adaptive and Immersive Learning is introduced


FocalPoint continues to grow with more than 2+ million students and 100,000+ educators

Our Values

FocalPoint has collaborated with some of the leading ed-tech organizations to deliver a comprehensive solution 

Our Platform DNA

From analytical dashboards that inform instruction & learning; a collaborative and adaptive, social learning platform to deliver standards-based resources and content to aid instruction & learning; and an assessment solution to measure instruction & learning.

FocalPoint Platform enables THREE things BETTER than anyone else 

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Global HQ - Atlanta, Georgia

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