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WHAT IF....?

Education Leaders innovate, inspire, and "think outside the box". They challenge the process and are always thinking about what should be, what could be, while at the same time evaluating where they are and what must be done to get there. Over the years, I have been fortunate to have worked with educators who were student-focused, passionate, and committed to success–regardless of the barriers and challenges they faced. Being a leader in education requires guts and determination. It takes a certain grit and tenacity. To me, true leadership is closing the gap between where things are, and where they need to be. With a servant-like heart coupled with a "laser like" focus on results, we have outstanding principals, teachers, and central office staff who are literally "changing the world".

As an education consultant with FocalPointK12, I have the opportunity to work with a team committed to supporting school districts with technology that empowers the learning & teaching process. We often bring up the question of "What if…?" and then think of ways of turning the "What if?" into a reality. As we listen to our customers and think about the challenges educators face, we acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers and certainly don’t have the “silver bullet” or “magic wand” that makes everything neat and perfect. We believe that the educators are the ones who spark the ideas, that think about what could be, and who implement strategies that yield results. With that being said, our next generation Personalized Learning Management System was built to foster innovation, improve efficiency, save teachers time, engage students, and enable a scientific approach to improving academic performance. As we partner with school districts, we are excited about the ways we are able to blend innovation in education with technology that powers the cause!

So, back to the question of "What if….?" Here are 15 "What if's?" I'd like for you to ponder and, if any of these get you saying, "Wow! That would be awesome!", or, "Now that is what I'm talking about!", or, "Amen!", then let's talk. I would love the opportunity to share with you how FocalPointK12 is bringing these "What if's?" into a reality!

Fifteen "What if?" statements to ponder...

  1. What if you could give back to administrators and teachers in your district the gift of time?

  2. What if your Central Office Staff could quickly view, sort, and drill down into multiple pieces of data on your students gathering insights on standards-based mastery, attendance, and multiple assessments coming from multiple providers in ONE location and in one platform?

  3. What if principals, teachers, and students could log-in to just ONE platform and access ALL of the applications used in the school district without having to keep up with multiple passwords?

  4. What if you could make data actionable by giving students and teachers easy access to standards-aligned dashboards that reveal where students are in the learning process?

  5. What if you could progress monitor the usage and adoption of all the technology being used in your district?

  6. What if you could clearly communicate what students should know, understand, and be able to do in an engaging and intuitive platform?

  7. What if you could give teachers flexible options of administering assessments online or paper/pencil and being able to track and analyze results?

  8. What if you were given the flexibility of choosing from a combination of the best 3rd party item banks in the industry to use for a variety of assessment purposes including benchmark, interim, summative, and formative formats?

  9. What if you could implement a system that cohesively includes data, resources, assessments, and a learning management system that fosters collaboration and personalized learning in classrooms?

  10. What if you could have a system that recommends and provides students with digital resources that meet their academic needs at the standard level while also pushing content that caters to their learning style, interests, and preferences?

  11. What if you could give your teachers a system that enhanced feedback given to students regarding their academic performance?

  12. What if you could integrate your school districts curriculum map with balanced assessments, resources, and unit/lesson plans into one location that automatically is pushed into the platform for stakeholders to access?

  13. What if you could acquire a platform that comprehensively provides your district with multiple solutions while also having the ability to work with and co-exist with your existing technology?

  14. What if you could partner with a vendor that offers more than just “software” or "another program", but offers world-class customer support, professional development, and customized training to ensure adoption, sustainability, and results that lead to improving the academic performance of students?

  15. What if you could have a Personalized Learning Management System that has the potential to turn the “What ifs?” into a reality for about the cost of a Starbucks per student per semester?

To learn more about FocalPointK12, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

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