Resource Library

Performance Management Program

Our Differentiators

  • Individualized Educational Plans for each Student

  • Supports Visible Learning

  • Enables Backward Design in Classroom

  • Simple User Interfaces with Elastic Search

  • Formative and Benchmark Assessments

  • Standards Aligned Digital Resources

  • Most Advanced Learner Profiles System

  • The highest number of Tech Enhanced Questions

  • Actionable Learning and System Usage Analytics

Increase Student Engagement & Ownership

Automatically Linked Digital Resources based on Relevancy Algorithm

  • Standard, Grade Mastery

  • Resource Efficacy

  • Learner Profile (Interests, Type of Learner, Personality)


Student's See 'Where They Are'

  • Students Taking Ownership

  • Receiving Timely Formative Feedback

  • Communicating Learning Targets


Self Reported Interests, Learning Styles, Personality, Academics

Enable individualized learning in your classrooms

Our system helps improve
district academic performance
by enabling
individualized learning plans
for each student in the classroom
with less teacher effort

We organize your data and enable it to be actionable

Enable analysis and insights by role & perspective

We provide data insights
and analytics on each student
that can be aggregated at
a classroom, school, grade or district level to assess and track performance impact

Our Experiences shape who we are

Our product architecture
is enterprise scale
with simple user interfaces

IIS – Instructional Improvement System

FocalPointK12 IIS platform provides to State Educational Agencies (SEA) an integrated Instructional Improvement System that provides solutions across the lifecycle of instruction and learning, from analytical dashboards that inform instruction and learning; a platform to deliver standards-based resources and content to aid instruction and learning; and an assessment solution to measure instruction and learning. These solutions are totally integrated, and reach all participants in the learning cycle, including the classroom teacher, the school & district administrator, the student, and the parent.

  • The IIS platform is designed to help districts, schools, and teachers make informed, data-driven decisions to improve student learning

  • The IIS platform provides access to historical and operational dashboards, enabling monitoring of key performance indicators at the district, school, classroom, and student level

  • The IIS platform provides access to resources that are aligned to the states curriculum standards

Solutions Delivered

The Tunnel​

  • The tunnel is a federated identity model that encapsulates, encrypts, and accepts school district user identities without the creation of a centralized state repository of user IDs. It consists of an Identity Provider (IP) / Service Provider (SP) framework that utilizes SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) to provide a secure, seamless application-to-application authentication/authorization solution.

The SLDS Dashboards

  • The dashboards are comprised of a series of interactive, drillable dashboard reports that provide historical and operational perspectives of district, school, classroom, and student information. The dashboards are designed to provide dynamic, color-coded visualizations to enable quick identification of problem areas, and provide “quick-click” drilling into these areas to view more detailed information. The dashboards are role-based, and provide secure access to only the information that the user has "an educational need to know."

Assessment Reporting Platform

  • The Assessment Reporting Platform provides a scoring and reporting system for RIDE’s Interim Assessments. These reports provide information on test items, standards, and performance levels disaggregated by student, classroom, teacher, school, LEA, and state levels as well as by demographic characteristics and subgroups. Highly detailed reports around item, distracter, and standards analyses are available for teachers and administrators. The system is directly integrated with RIDE’s interim assessment vendor through RESTful web services.

Resource Library

  • The Resource Library (RL) is an application that delivers aligned digital resources to teachers. The content is aligned to the Common Core Performance Standards and other standards then pushed to teachers based on course schedules. Using RL, teachers are able to personalize digital resources for students based upon the student’s performance on an assessment or by searching for aligned resources by grade, subject, and standard. Digital content is available for most subjects in grades K-12.

  • Resources are categorized into student and teacher resources during the search phase. RL allows a teacher to search for resources aligned to a standard for student consumption or for teacher directed usage. In addition, RL provides a folders feature allowing teachers to save, assign and store, resources from year to year, school to school.

Collaborative Analytics Platform

  • The Collaborative Analytics Platform (CAP) allows administrators to analyze a variety of performance indicators, such as assessment, attendance, growth, etc., by multiple dimensions simultaneously. CAP allows cross year performance comparisons, and cross district/school performance comparison. Additionally, CAP provides “like mine” analytics, enabling district and school users to automatically compare their performance alongside other districts/schools that are “like them” based on selected attributes/measures.

  • CAP provides the ability to share visual results via "walls" with social networking features including: like, follow, and comment.

Organize .. Enable .. Collaborate

FocalPointK12 Platform
enables THREE things ...
BETTER than anyone else
in the K12 sector

Next Generation Assessment Player

Learner Environments We Support


Our Platform DNA

From analytical dashboards that inform instruction & learning; a collaborative and adaptive, social learning platform to deliver standards-based resources and content to aid instruction & learning; and an assessment solution to measure instruction & learning.

SLDS – Student Longitudinal Data System

FocalPointK12 SLDS platform provides State Educational Agencies (SEA) with an integrated Student Longitudinal Data System. The platform was recognized in Education Week as "a nationally envied longitudinal-data system" and "one of the best longitudinal-data systems in the country". The SLDS solution provides interactive performance dashboards and a wealth of historical student data for district and school administrators and classroom teachers. FocalPointK12’s agile processes and prebuilt frameworks and connectors makes the production ready system in approximately 90 days rather than months. By leveraging open software that has already built for another state and providing subject matter experts, FocalPointK12's customers are able to have a working solution faster while saving costs. FocalPointK12 platform is built on an open industry standard data model Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) so that its customers can benefit from the value of a common platform for integration and sharing of data.

Learn how states can have
an Open CEDS based SLDS Solution
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